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We will all be inundated with politics from every angle for the next 5 months during this presidential election year. I know that I personally receive several phone calls a day from various political action committees, surveys, action groups, etc.

Most of us believe that we are aligned with one particular political party or another and we may be able to cite a few of the platform issues of that party. The question I pose is do you really know what your political party stands for or against?

Are you being a blind lamb, following the way that your parents voted, your coworkers or your friends? Is there a chance that you have done your homework in relation to the candidates in totality to see who is actually the best person for the position regardless of their political affiliation?

Would you dare vote for someone that was not a member of the political party that you are a member of if that person was in fact the better person for that office in question?

I am going to attempt to work through the major parties, as I see them, to describe what their platform is, what they say they stand for and against. I will start in a broad scope then slowly narrow the focus down to be more specific. I will cover the Republican Party (GOP), the Democratic Party and the Libertarian Party.

If you would like to add a party to this list just let me know and I will gladly add it to the discussion. My intended focus will be on the presidential candidates and the party that they are a member of. Please study the other candidates in your area as this is a very important election year with so many seats up for election.


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